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All security staff that have worked in the Centre have been professional and courteous to all retailers and customers with whom they come into regular contact. On an administrative front, there has not been an issue with inability to supply a security guard at late notice and in addition, all paperwork is delivered in a prompt and orderly fashion to our office. We recommend Proactive Security to any prospective business requiring security services

Alan Grant
Castletown Shoppingworld | Centre Manager

When there is a need to attend an alarm call-out we have always found their response to be immediate and without delay. We are also contacted should there be a suspicion that there may be a false alarm to prevent any unnecessary call-out and charge. So many times departments like ourselves can be taken advantage of for unnecessary call-out costs this does not happen with Proactive Security.

When there was a break-in at the Sports House, l was the only person that could be contacted at the time. Because there was no one on site Proactive Security called the police, stayed for the finger printing and arranged the glass replacement before leaving the premises. This was, l felt, beyond their duty but they understood the predicament l was in. I am unaware whether another company would have shown or provided this sort of service

Townsville Sport and Recreation
Queensland Government

I have had experiences with many Security firms in Australia, London and other cities and have found Proactive Security to be the most honest, reliable and professional security firm l have dealt with thus far.

Steven Sayce
Glencorp Property Developers | Assistant Manager

I have been very amazed with the services and assistance l have received from Proactive Security over the last few years. Proactive Security are more than willing to assist and l get regular updates on concerns about buildings being left unlocked etc.

Eva Foster
Heatley Secondary College | Business Manager

On numerous occasions Proactive Security has been able to advise what assistance can be provided to help us particularly where there has been a difficult situation and they have been able to implement the services immediately or as required.

Julie Cliff
Diocese of North Queensland | Assistant Manager


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Quality Assurance

spaal 2Proactive Security aligns itself with Quality Assurance AS/NZS ISO9001:2008, underpinning all our management systems and ensuring we deliver accountable performance to all our clients, at all times.

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