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Case Studies

Flinders Mall Redevelopment

  • The challenge

    Watpac was the successful tenderer to undertake the redevelopment of the Flinders Mall in the centre of the Townsville CBD. The first problem faced by Watpac was an intractable group of between 20 to 40 vagrants living in and around the mall area for some years, despite efforts by police and council security to move on.
  • The solution

    Watpac contracted Proactive Security to provide K9 security for the construction area between 6 pm and 6 am daily. After three or four initial confrontations between the K9 security team and groups of up to 20 vagrants, the resolve and capability of the Proactive Security officers was made clear and it was accepted that the construction precinct could be transited on approved pathways, but that no one would be allowed to congregate or loiter within the area. Once this was established, the group moved away from the mall area and were no threat or impediment to construction activities. The work of the Proactive Security team was greatly appreciated by retailers in and around the mall area, as was the assistance they provided retailers in monitoring their properties adjacent to a poorly lit construction area, protecting against night-time break-ins and vandals. The work of Proactive Security in protecting the mall development drew praise from Watpac Management and the then Townsville Deputy Mayor.
  • The Outcome

    Despite continuous public access in and around the construction site for the entire period of construction, no construction equipment or construction activities were damaged or interfered with. Furthermore, through a daily safety audit of the site undertaken by Proactive Security staff when commencing their shift, potential WH&S issues were identified and reported to Watpac management.

Black River Rodeo

  • The challenge

    The Black River Rodeo is an institution in Townsville but ineffective security had led to escalating crowd problems and antisocial behaviour. Repeated calls to the police to deal with crowd control issues had become a serious problem and this damaged the event’s reputation as a fun place for families and a friendly place for a night out.
  • The solution

    Proactive Security was brought in to provide security and crowd control, bringing in K9 security teams to ensure any crowd behaviour problems could be dealt with quickly and effectively. The majority of the crowd saw the dogs as a major positive for maintaining good crowd behaviour and voice these opinions to security staff. Those few individuals intent on creating trouble soon realised well-trained security dogs are intimidating and effective security tools. From the first night Proactive Security began providing services to the Black River Rodeo it has been a safe, incident free event, supported by police and liquor licensing authorities.
  • The Outcome

    The Black River Rodeo is enjoying increased numbers and regained its reputation as a safe and friendly family event, and one of the more popular events on the Townsville calendar.

Apartments - Oonoonba

  • The challenge

    Glencorp Constructions was constructing a major four-storey unit development in Oonoonba, in a relatively secluded area surrounded by industrial/commercial properties with minimal night-time activity. Theft and vandalism on the site had become a major problem despite the entire site being fenced. As the project continued, it was obvious this problem had to be addressed as costs in terms of time and materials were becoming unacceptable.
  • The solution

    Glencorp contracted Proactive Security to provide K9 security patrols for the construction area on a nightly basis. For the first week Proactive Security maintained a heavy presence with the dogs alerting security officers of least four incursions onto the building site during that time. The dogs were able to quickly identify the whereabouts of intruders and although no arrests were made, the intruders fled the site immediately on realising properly trained dogs were being used as part of the security mix. After the first week, all on-site theft and vandalism issues ceased.
  • The Outcome

    Glencorp were able to finish construction of this substantial unit development without incurring further costs from damage to construction equipment or the loss of building materials from the site.


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