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K9 Security

K9 SecurityProactive Security is the only security company in North Queensland capable of providing professionally trained K9 (canine) security teams with handlers qualified to national training standards and dogs trained to the exacting standard of the Proactive Security in-house certification unit. This in-house training program ensures all dogs are assessed and certified on at least an annual basis with all dogs receive weekly training to maintain the effectiveness of both the dog and handler.

Proactive Security uses K9 dogs primarily for the protection of its guards and to allow the guards to safely and confidently conduct their duties. The use of patrol dogs significantly reduces the risk of incident as well trained security dogs provide a very effective deterrent to individuals behaving inappropriately and/or refusing to accept direction from a security officer.

Proactive Security deploys man and dog protection teams for alarm response, break and enter building searches and personal protection in potentially dangerous situations. The high levels of training applying to both our dog handlers and their animals allows Proactive Security to accept those high risk jobs that our competitors refuse, reinforcing our position as market leaders in the provision of quality security services.

Our Specialist K9 (canine) Alarm Response team attend premises within 30 min of the alarm activation and conduct a full search to ensure the premises are fully secured before leaving. In case of a break and enter, having a K9 unit on-site increases the likelihood of catching an offender and provides the opportunity to find offenders who have sought to go into hiding.

Proactive Security K9 Security teams have been used at such events as the  Townsville Show and the Black River Rodeo, where the dogs were working up to 24 hours a day in large crowd situations, delivering excellent security outcomes and receiving widespread positive feedback from patrons.

Proactive Security K9 patrols save our clients on the cost of repairs from vandalism, damage and antisocial behaviour by providing a higher standard of security than can be provided security guards alone. Our records show that premises protected by K9 Security teams are far less likely to be targeted by criminals and/or vandals than those protected by single guard patrols or static guards.

If you would like to see a demonstration of the K9 patrols in action and the level of training of both the guards and dogs involved please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Quality Assurance

spaal 2Proactive Security aligns itself with Quality Assurance AS/NZS ISO9001:2008, underpinning all our management systems and ensuring we deliver accountable performance to all our clients, at all times.

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