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Getting the Most Out of Your Security Provider

For many years, the provision of security services has seen some unscrupulous operators take advantage of the trust placed in them by the client.. This happens because most security services are provided when the office/factory/warehouse is closed and no staff around to monitor the performance of the security provider. Scams that still, unfortunately, happen in our industry include:

  • Claiming the premises received multiple call during the night but only calling once.
  • Setting off the security alarm and then charging for an alarm response call out.
  • Theft

So, how can you be sure that your security provider is doing the right thing, delivering the services they promised and that you expect?

We suggest you test your security provider by doing the following:

  • Drop into the premises late in the evening, set off the alarm then park opposite and wait. Does the response team arrive within the timeframe they promised and what do they do on arrival? Do not let them know you are there, then check what you saw against the information they put in the alarm response report.
  • Require your security provider to have electronic monitoring of patrol calls. These systems require the patrol guard to electronically "login" to a unique reader point located at your premises with login data recorded and automatically posted to a website and/or e-mailed to you
  • Ask for a dog handling demonstration if the company claims to provide K9 security. Compare this to a demonstration by Proactive Security!
  • Require your security provider to have Quality Assurance. It is a standard requirement for all security providers working with State and Federal government departments.

If your security provider gives reasons as to why they cannot respond effectively to the above, and offer price as their key point of difference to competitors, be concerned. When anyone discounts their price, they usually discount their service, and you lose.  It is amazing how many jobs Proactive Security has picked up after the client had initially gone to the cheapest provider only to find this resulted in their security being seriously compromised. In most cases this had resulted in major damage to plant, premises and equipment. In these cases, the price of incompetent security suddenly became very expensive!


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