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Alarm Response

Alarm Response

Proactive Security is the market leader in alarm response and alarm response times in Townsville.

We are unique in that we offer our clients a dedicated vehicle to alarm responses.  Our alarm response unit consists of an armed guard and dog team (K9 Unit) never seen before in Townsville.

Our Speacialist K9 (canine) Alarm Response team will attend your premises in the event of alarm activation and conduct a full search of the premises ensuring that all is secure before leaving. In case of a break and enter the chance of catching an offender is higher utilizing the services of a K9 Unit and in the event of an offender fleeing the scene the dog can be utilised for tracking the perpetrator.

Proactive Security K9 patrols help in saving on the cost of repairs from vandalism, damage and antisocial behavior, by providing a higher standard of security than can be provided with guards alone.

If you would like to see a demonstration of the K9 patrols in action and the level of training of both the guards and dogs">email us


Head Office
Suite 4, 152 Marabou Drive, Annandale
Townsville, QLD 4814
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Quality Assurance

spaal 2Proactive Security aligns itself with Quality Assurance AS/NZS ISO9001:2008, underpinning all our management systems and ensuring we deliver accountable performance to all our clients, at all times.

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